Typing and Typesetting

Customers may either draft out their requirements for us to complete or provide us with the broad parameters for us to design the finished item, whether it be letterhead, accounts forms, production forms or newsletters, business cards or advertising flyers. Logos, shapes, graphics, clipart or drawings can be added for effect.

We hold over 700 different fonts and have access to over 100,000 clip-art images in addition to the free ones available via Google, so we are always able to produce a quality and appealing product.

We always provide a proof copy of work to clients for approval or amendment prior to undertaking printing.

Where typesetting is required urgently, such as with funeral service sheets, we are able to provide very quick turnaround from creation to printing.

Our Partners

We pride ourselves on our quality of service and attention to detail. We endeavour to ensure that our customers will always leave happy.

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