Ink Cartridges, Printer Ribbons and Laser Printer Toner

The ink cartridges which we hold in stock are listed below, along with the printers for which they are designed.


BC01 for: BJ-5, BJ-10, BJ-20, FAX-B200/B220, Starwriter 60/70/80/85/90
BC02 for: BJ-100/200series, BJC-200 series/1000SP
BC03 for: BJC-200SP/255SP/265SP/1000SP
BC05 for: BJC-200 series/1000SP
BC20 for: BJC-2000SP/4000 series/5500 series
BCI21 for: S100, BJC-2000SP series/4000SP series/5000 series, MultiPASS, Blck & Clr C20/30/50/70/75, FAX-B210c


S020047 for: Stylus 200/820, Colour II/IIs/200
S020049 for: Stylus 820/1500, Colour II/IIs
S020089/191 for: Stylus Colour 400/440/460/600/640/660/670/740/760/800/850/860/1160/1520, Scan 2500 (previously two separate cartridges)
S020093/187 for: Stylus Colour 400/440/460/500/600/640/660/670, Photo 700/710/720/750/1200/EX (previously two separate cartridges)
S020097 for: Stylus Colour200/500
S020138 for: Stylus Colour 300
T013/14 for: Stylus Colour480/480SXU/580/C20SX/C20UX
T017/18 for: Stylus Colour 680
T028 for: Stylus C60/C61/CX3100
T038 for: Stylus C41 series, C43 series
T039 for: Stylus C41SX/C41UX/C43SX/C43UX


hpc6615d for: hp deskjet 810c/840c/845c/920c/948c/3820, hp psc 500/750/950, hp officejet r40
hpc6614d for: hp deskjet 610/630/640/656, APOLLO P-2100U series, P-2200 series
hpc1823d for: hp deskjet 710c/720c/810c/815c/830c/880c/890c/895cxi/1129c/1125c, hp psc 500, hp officejet r45/r65/t45/t65, hp officejet pro 1170c/1175c, hp colour copier 170
hp51625a for: hp deskjet 200/200cci/320/340/400/420/500c/500j/505c/505j/505k/540/550c/560c/560j, hp deskwriter c/ck/320/340/550c/560c, APOLLO P-1200 series
hp51626a for: hp deskjet 400/420c/500/500c/500j/505c/505j/505k/520/540/550c/560c, hp designjet 200/220/600, hp officejet lx/300/330/350, hp fax 800, APOLLO P-1200series
hp51629a for: hp deskjet 600/660c/670c/690c/692c/694c/695c, hp deskwriter 600/660/694c, hp officejet 590/630/635/710/725
hp51645a for: hp deskjet 710c/720c/815c/820cxi/830c/850c/870cxi/880c/890c/895cxi/930c/ 950c/955c/960c/970cxi/990cxi/1000cxi/1120c/1125c/1220c/1220cps/1600c/1600cm/6120, hp designjet 700/750c/750c plus/ 755cm, hp colourcopier 170/290, hp officejet g55/g85/g95/k60/k80/r45/r65/t45/t65, hp officejet pro 1150c/1170c/1175c, hp photosmart p1000/p1100/p1215/p1218
hp51649a for: hp deskjet 350cbi/600/610c/630c/640c/656c/660c/670c/690c/692c/694c/695c/c95cci, hp deskwriter 600/660c/694c, hp officejet 590/630/635/710/725, APOLLO P-2100U series/P-2200 series

All those cartridges not listed can be ordered and are usually delivered within 3 days.

OEM and compatible toner cartridges to order. We will stock and hold where a firm commitment to purchase them is made. Brands are Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard and Nutech.

Brother fax ribbon refils 302RF and 404RF are held in stock, and others can be ordered.

Printer ribbons to order on prior arrangement.

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