Colour and Laser Copying

Our colour copying is high quality 600dpi laser copying. It is normally done onto high quality special coated matt paper or card, however we also have a variety of coloured papers and cards in-store onto which we can copy. Paper/card weights available are 100gsm, 160gsm, 200gsm and 250gsm. We are also able to copy on to special coated double sided gloss paper in 160gsm and single sided cast coated 250gsm card. The finished copy has a slight sheen which often makes it indistinguishable from the original. The 250gsm cards are most suitable for business cards.

Reduction to 25% of the original and enlargement to 400% of the original make it possible to produce a business card or a poster from the same original. Sizes over A3 are printed in multiple sheets and joined. They are often then laminated.

A range of gift cards and postcards is produced for sale or pictures can be customised for a particular client.

We are now able to print direct to our colour photocopier from either disk or email, so you can now get that same great colour from your prints that you do from your copies. We can also print your digital photos either from your camera or any of 5 memory cards.

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